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Why Is It Important for a Doctor to Opt for Spiritual Retreat in Bali?


Ashis Kumar

It is sure that when we feel something unnatural, we directly consult doctors and feel safe by the medicines. But where do the doctors go when they feel unsafe? The moment when you decide to become a doctor, you feel much stressed. Even most of the people agree that studying medicine is the most daunting course to pursue. There are many students who drop out in the mid of the course, while other students continue their studies in a hope to see better days. And after becoming a doctor, they feel stressed working day and night. No doubt they get success, but peace is something that eludes the doctors. Thus, they always opt for a spiritual retreats. Thus, here in this article you will find some points that describe why doctors opt for spiritual retreat in Bali.

Too much of information

No doubt you might have studied in the college and when you are in your college you only experience a little stress. You give the exam and forget all about it. But in case of the doctors, the case is quite different. During their college life, they need to do hard work and even after becoming a successful doctor also they are required to continue their studies in order to deal with the patients. Their brains are always packed. Therefore, they opt for these retreats, These retreats usually makes them stress free. In these retreats, they experience yoga, meditation, etc which helps them in increasing their patience, confidence as well as make them to concentrate on their job completely. And as these retreats are located in a peaceful place, most of the doctors opt for this.

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Physically tired

Usually doctors work eight to twelve hours in the hospital and it is not the job that only includes carrying out some paperwork sitting on a comfortable chair. They usually move from one place to another, visiting from one to another patient. They keep thousands of things on their mind and they required not making any mistake. A simple mistake in their treatment can end up in a big error. Do not you think now they need these retreats? By attending these retreats, their mind becomes stable. Even these retreats help them to avoid mistakes in their life and make them feel energized and refreshed.

Emotional Stresses

These retreats teach some useful to things the doctors i.e. they can learn how to get detached from certain things easily. Sometimes the doctors get emotionally attached to the patients which become impossible to deal with any loss, particularly if they are children. Even sometimes they think that it was their fault and overcome with guilt and depression. Thus, by attending these retreats, doctors can feel relaxed. They can learn to forgive themselves and can lead a better life. Here, they can differentiate between what is right and wrong. And they can learn how to accept truth in their life.

Apart from all the above things by attending these retreats doctors can lead a positive and happier life and can connect themselves to the divine.

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Low Carb Diet Tips-Sugar Addictions and the Immune System


Whether you are on a low carb diet or not, sugar is damaging to the body in many ways. The following is a partial list of some of sugar’s consequences from a variety of medical journals and other scientific publications. To find out more about why sugar is an addiction and how it upsets your whole body chemistry, read “Lick The Sugar Habit” by Nancy Appleton, PhD. The research in her book contributed to this article.

1. Sugar can suppress the immune system. This is probably the most important reason to avoid sugar, whether you are trying to stick to a low carb diet or not. The information here comes from two different research projects that have been done at Loma Linda University. The research evaluated the effects of sugar on phagocytes, the white blood cells of the immune system that eat up bad bacteria and foreign invaders. To put it simply, the more bacteria consumed by the phagocytes, the stronger the immune system, and the less chance for disease. One of the Loma Linda studies showed that sugar caused the phagocytic index to drop dramatically which had a negative effect on the amount of debris that could be removed by the immune system.

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2. Sugar can upset the body’s mineral balance. Minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron and zinc are crucial to bodily functions. If just one of these minerals is depleted, the entire body chemistry can be disrupted. With just two teaspoons of sugar, micronutrients in the body can change radically, throwing the blood chemistry out of balance. Some mineral levels increase, some decrease, and delicate ratios are upset. So, even a little sugar can negate the effects of consuming extra calcium or mineral supplements. If you are on a low carb diet and concerned about getting enough essential nutrients, such as calcium, this is another good reason to avoid sugar.

3. Sugar can cause hyperactivity, anxiety, and concentration difficulties in children. Oh, and did we mention, obesity? Take a look at Saturday morning TV ads or the breakfast products on grocery store shelves and it seems that sugary cereals are part of the standard American diet for children. Sugar Smacks, Cap ‘N Crunch, Corn Pops, Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, Lucky Charms and Trix are just a few of the cereals loaded with sugar that are still being eaten by kids everywhere before they head off to school. Even something as healthy as oatmeal is full of sugar in those instant flavor variety packs. You may think oatmeal is a good low carb, high fiber food, but once the sugar is sprinkled on it, oatmeal is no longer part of a low carb diet. In addition, look at all the sugar being consumed by children in sodas and other products that are loaded with high fructose corn syrup.

Writing for The Journal of Abnormal Psychology in 1986, J. Goldman noted in “Behavioral Effects of Sucrose on Preschool Children” that a dose of sugar equivalent to that found in a 12-ounce soda did indeed disrupt the performance of children at school. It caused their concentration levels to decrease and their inappropriate behaviors to increase. It is important to note that in 1976 the sugar industry found it was less costly to make sugar from corn than from beets or sugar cane. Since then, high fructose corn syrup has replaced sucrose as a sweetener in processed foods and sodas. It has been shown that fructose causes the white blood cells of the immune system to become inactive and unable to defend the body against harmful intruders. Anyone on a low carb diet should watch out for high fructose corn syrup.

4. Sugar can speed the aging process, causing wrinkles and gray hair. When sugar is consumed on a regular basis the pancreas can become over stimulated and secrete too much insulin. Excess insulin can cause a drop in normal blood sugar levels, and hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, may develop. Symptoms of hypoglycemia can include fatigue, memory failure, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, tremors, headaches and depression. These may sound like diseases of the elderly, but more and more young people are experiencing these warning signs daily. If you notice any of these symptoms, try removing sugar from your diet and see what happens. If nothing else, eating a low carb diet with less sugar will probably give you more energy.

5. Sugar can cause arthritis. Arthritis is another disease that has been linked to old age, but now there are many indications that sugar is playing a role in younger people developing arthritic symptoms. As mentioned earlier, a body that is suffering a mineral imbalance may produce inflammation in the bones, joints and cartilage due to the accumulation of toxic minerals, mostly calcium. Once again, the delicate mineral balance has been upset by too much sugar. When one mineral decreases, another may increase, and in some cases, excess calcium will end up in joints, causing arthritic spurs and other problems associated with bone diseases. Maintaining a low carb diet and cutting back on sugary foods may at least produce some weight loss, which will alleviate stress on knees, joints and bones.

This is a short list of the many ways that sugar contributes to health challenges. It is hard to avoid sugar in foods being sold at grocery stores. However, on the Internet, you can find low carb foods, healthy snacks for a child, nutrition for athletes and other all natural foods that are not loaded with refined sugar. Have you ever heard of stevia sweetener? Stevia sweetener is one sweetener that may actually be good for maintaining normal blood sugar levels as it helps curb cravings. Stevia sweetener is not an artificial sweetener as it is made from the stevia plant. Primarily grown in Peru, stevia has been used by indigenous peoples of South America for centuries as a sweetener for their foods and beverages. So, there are ways to avoid over consumption of sugar, but it takes some diligence and awareness. Watch out for high fructose corn syrup, dextrose and dextrin. These are just as bad for you as eating refined, white sugar right out of the bag.

Cliff Smith is a professional actor who has stay in shape for the camera with a

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high fiber foods

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Low Carb Diet Tips-Sugar Addictions and the Immune System


Breast Cancer: Choose Your Own Cure!



The term “breast cancer” refers to a malignant tumor that has developed from cells within the breast. It does not cause early symptoms but neither is it a mysterious disease that strikes you suddenly.

Cancer occurs as a result of abnormal changes in the genes responsible for regulating the growth of cells and keeping them healthy. This could be attributed to genetics, an unhealthy lifestyle or simply the everyday “wear and tear” in life. For a number of reasons any women above the age of 20 years can fall a victim to this dreaded disease, though the majority of advanced breast cancer cases are found in women over the age of 50.

It is common knowledge that those women who educated themselves about why breast cancer occurs, either avoided it completely or combated it with confidence.

It is estimated that in the US alone 1500 women die of breast cancer every day and over the course of a lifetime, 1 in 8 of all women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Surveys show that more and more women in the US are undergoing a Mammogram or a MRI everyday.

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Practitioners of non-conventional medicine (naturopaths and alternate medicine experts) maintain that mammograms do far more harm than good. Eighty percent of the million breast biopsies performed each year in the US are in fact negative, but not detected as such, because of inaccurate mammography. Why, then, does conventional medicine keep recommending mammograms?

In Sweden alone, according to the medical authorities the proportion of false “positive” results was alarmingly high in women under 50 years and this is considered a serious and costly problem. Presumably the better alternate, Breast Thermography was approved by the FDA in 1982 for breast cancer detection and risk assessment but is seldom talked about these days.

Mammography, like MRI and sonography, looks at anatomical changes of the breast. It may take years for the tumor to grow to a sufficient size to be detectable by either a mammogram or a physical examination. By that time, the tumor may have already spread to the other parts of the body.

Whereas the risk of breast cancer to women over 55 justifies the risk of mammography, most medical experts are of the opinion that the risk of breast cancer for women under 40 years is not high enough to justify the risk of radiation exposure.

The National Cancer Institute has recommended chemotherapy for all breast cancer patients, whether or not they have any visible signs of cancer after surgery. Being unable to distinguish between cancerous and healthy cells, this toxic drug ends up killing both. Chemotherapy, with a dubious 3% success rate and horrible side effects does not cure cancer or extend life beyond 5-7 years, with a totally destroyed quality of life.

Radiation therapy, unlike chemotherapy, is considered a local treatment. This means that cancer cells are only killed at the location in the body where the radiation is delivered. If cancer exists outside the targeted field, those cancer cells escape destruction.

So far, the effort to control cancer with conventional medicine has failed to obtain its objectives. We are obviously losing ground with conventional treatment because the death rates keep going up. This is because modern methods are based on the faulty premises that only aggressive and toxic methods can cure the body of cancer.

It is this complete lack of certainty as to the outcome of conventional treatment that virtually pleads for more flexibility in the area of cancer therapy. For obvious reasons, conventional medicine has looked down upon any other forms of medicine that offers cheaper and better treatment but the fact remains that only alternate medicine is known to cure breast cancer with success for close to a century now.

So, forget what you may hear about breast cancer being a death warrant and how you’ll be subjected to the ravages of chemotherapy and radiation— the real cure lies before you.

R.P.Bhalla is a retired airline captain and a wild life enthusiast. He writes extensively on Health and Relationship issues.


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