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2 Key Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Social Media Marketing Strategy


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Even if your company current uses social media marketing, youll find insight here that can revolutionize how you think about this form of new media marketing.

Maximize Success: Most companies jump into social media because theyve heard about this Twitter thing and knew it was time we got with the program. But, theres no thought to it.

Because its so easy to set up a social media account, many firms dont see a return on this investment. Then, they give up or dont invest as much as they should in it because theyre not seeing results.

But social media marketing like any other form of marketing takes planning. Thats why the title of this article is 2 Reasons Your Company Needs a Social Media Marketing Campaign. Campaigns are thought out, planned, have set objectives, etc.

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So the first reason your company needs a social media marketing campaign is to maximize the true potential of this medium.

Tap Customer Needs and Wants: Social media marketing is one of the easiest ways to find out what your customers really think about your company and its products/services and what they want more of and less of.

One company that does this really well is Starbucks. Not only do they engage customers, they created a social media page that illustrates in real-time data the number of product ideas customers have been put forth; the number of ideas that have been acted on by the company; a running list of ways customer experiences can be improved; etc.

With their deep pockets, Starbucks could well afford to pay a market research firm millions of dollars to collect this data and present it in a sleek report. Then, they could hire an advertising agency to put together campaigns to implement these findings.

All of this could take months.

But, why should they do that when with the few clicks of a button, they could set up a couple of social media accounts and actively solicit advice from the very people who are buying their products on a daily basis?

There are many reasons to start a social media marketing campaign no matter what type of company you have. But the main reason is, its where your customers are these days. Social media marketing is how they communicate and it pays to know what theyre saying about your firm.

And, this is the real power of social media marketing. It truly is power of the people, by the people and for the people.

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2 Key Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Social Media Marketing Strategy }

By Paul Majestyck

Affiliate marketing is a potentially highly lucrative money maker if you have the right understanding of the process and also do not mind applying time and effort to guarantee success. Unfortunately, when an affiliate marketing myth threatens to steal your thunder, the odds are that you might have fallen for a slick sales pitch or have made some unrealistic plans with respect to your marketing efforts. Avoiding this permits you to succeed while succumbing to it will cause you to lose your momentum and in many cases results in a marketer giving up on the prospect altogether.

Problem the biggest myth that has stolen more thunder from gung-ho marketers than anything else is the notion that you can get rich overnight. Known as “get rich quick” schemes these affiliate marketing opportunities are often sold as being the brainchild of an Internet millionaire who is now training a finite number of apprentices in his craft and you are admonished to act quickly so that you will be among their number. (Check back with that website in a year or two, and you will be surprised to notice that it is still there with the exact same pitch.)

Even though anyone and everyone would love to have a part in something that promises a lot of money in return for little work, it is vital to understand that nothing comes from nothing and even though you might get lucky and have one or two attempts at something pay off big, by and large you will need to work hard for each and every sale and this requires hard work, long hours, dedication, and the knowledge that building an affiliate marketing business will take time.

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Another myth that is often propagated by opportunity clearing houses is the notion that the more affiliate marketing programs you are signed up with, the more money you will make. Although in theory this sounds great, once you have devoted time and energy to getting one program off the ground you will understand just how intricate a process this can be!

Considering how much you have to invest to do justice to one program, imagine how much more time and effort you will have to spend on two, four or more! Experienced marketers will only take on another opportunity when their primary opportunity has become a money maker and systems are put in place that permit for the program to more or less run itself. This, however, usually does not happen until after several months or even years of working the affiliate marketing opportunity.

Of course, by far the worst myth is the one that affiliate marketing is easy. Usually this stems from a combination of hype from the originator of the program and your inability – or unwillingness – to properly ascertain the time and effort it will take you to get this opportunity off the ground. When an affiliate marketing myth threatens to steal your thunder, remember that you are not the only person to have misjudged or underestimated the intricacy of the business, and in the same vein you are not the first one to go ahead and make it work in spite of some early misconception. Do not give up but give it your best!

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