Hidden Picture Puzzles

June 15, 2017 1:14 am

By R. John Williams

Mind Puzzles In Books

Mind games will wake us up and help keep our brains and minds working and full of life. Keeping our minds active will help keep us from aging and helps to keep the memory process from slowing down.

There are many diverse kinds of mind games that you can buy or create your own. You can buy books of all kinds at most stores where magazines and books are sold. These mind games come in word search, crossword, and numbers as well.

Word search books that you buy can be bought by the different editions, or by the month depending on your preference. The different editions come out at different times of the year like every three months.

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The monthly ones are published every month some are based on levels depending how much experience or age group you are in. Getting the zigzag word or number search are more advanced and harder than the ones that are in straight lines.

One the side of the puzzles of letters or numbers is a list and you search for each one as you go. Sometimes these words will be off by themselves or you might find them connected to another word. They also come in different size prints as well with small prints to the larger prints for those who have a hard time seeing.

Crossword, mind puzzle books are published by the month or edition as well. These books and puzzles can be bought by the level of learning and activity too. Usually they are rated using starts one to four. The higher the stars the higher the level and harder they are to complete. Crossword puzzles make you think, or maybe research for the write word in a dictionary or another source to give a more test for your memory. By having to investigate for the right words you will be leaning new things and skills on how words can be used for different definitions.

Books using numbers are a challenge for different age and level groups as well. The numbers are not as easy as one would think. Searching for the numbers doesn’t give you words that you can just say to yourself while looking for them.

Numbers don’t come in any certain order so trying to find the right ones make it harder to locate them. The list usually starts out with just three or four number but as you go down the list, they get longer sometimes up to seven or eight numbers in a group. This will give a person the new skill of patience. You need a lot of patience to do the number books so don’t think you will finish one book in a day.

You can find mind puzzle books with a variety of print sizes from pocket size to extra large size. Newspapers and free flyers have mind puzzles in the as well and they are free giving you a different one everyday to work on.

Beware mind puzzles can be addictive and challenging. Once you start doing one of these puzzles you”ll want to keep doing them. They will give you something to do for enjoyment when you just don’t feel like working and want to keep your mind and hands busy. These puzzles are very entertaining so have fun and enjoy.

Create your own mind puzzle by grouping letter and see how many words you can find in the group of letters. This can be a challenge making you look for new words to add to your vocabulary with a list to go by. Your spelling will improve as well as give you mind an even bigger challenge.

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