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TMJ dentist in Encino possesses sound experience and expertise in treating TMJ disorders. Your regular dentist may or may not be able to address your TMJ disorder because the topic is not deeply covered during basic dental schooling. If your regular dental surgeon does not provide care for TMJ disorders, you can find a good TMJ dentist in Encino with some effort. You can ask your regular dentist for reference. Your regular dentist may be able to refer you to a good TMJ dentist in Encino. If your regular dentist is unable to help you, you may fall back on internet. You have to be very careful if you are depending on internet to find a dependable TMJ dentist in Encino. The dental surgeons with a postgraduate degree in orofacial pain or oral medicine are the most able dental surgeons TMJ disorders.

A TMJ connects your lower jaw, which is also called as mandible to the skull on either side of your face. You can feel a TMJ by placing your finger in front of your ears while making movements of your jaw. There is a ball called as condyle and a socket called as fossa connecting the mandible with skull with a cushioning disc between the ball and socket. Causes of this condition include missing teeth, dental procedures like braces, teeth grinding, overuse of the muscle, inflammation and malocclusion of teeth. The symptoms of the condition include jaw pain, clicking in the jaw, toothache, facial pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, lack of flexibility in jaw movements, migraine headache, pain in the jaw while eating, chewing, speaking and yawning and teeth grinding.

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A TMJ dentist in Encino will conduct necessary exam to diagnose your TMJ disorder. He will help you get rid of painful symptoms associated with the condition. He will particularly help you get rid of associated migraine headaches and tension headaches. Migraine headaches and tension headaches are the two most common symptoms in this condition. He will provide detail instructions about the disease, devise a treatment plan and provide you instructions on lifestyle changes the patient need to follow. He will also provide the patient with some common tips to be followed in routine life. The dental surgeon will guide you on the exercises that gently stretch your muscles. You should perform these exercises regularly to relive the pain. The dental surgeon will recommend application of cold or warm heat to either side of the face to help in relieving facial pain.

Your TMJ dentist in Encino may refer you to a physiotherapist depending on the severity of the symptoms for cognitive behavioral therapy. Other conservative treatments provided to the patient include medications, physical therapy and massage. Conservative treatments also include bite guards and cognitive behavioral therapy. Over-the-counter medications are given for pain and if those medicines do not help, the dental surgeon will prescribe painkillers. The dental surgeon may prescribe muscle relaxants in some cases to relive the pain. Corticosteroid drugs may be injected in the joint space by some dental surgeon to relive pain. Some dental surgeons prescribe tricyclic antidepressants to relieve pain. Botulinum toxin injection is also given by some dental surgeons for relieving pain. A surgery is conducted as a last resort to correct this condition.

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